We create authentic brand connections.


Customer & employee attitudes, wants, and needs change. And brands must keep pace to succeed. That’s where KANAKA comes in. We know how to keep pace. When you understand your audience, you can make sure that your creative efforts resonate with them.


Our approach is authentic and results in a future-proof plan that is evidence-based, strategic, and do-able.


We are the consultants of choice for big-picture organizational problem-solving, big idea, and creative growth strategy. We’ll help you think about your business in a whole new way, bringing a fresh perspective to long-standing challenges and helping you envision – and achieve – a future with unlimited possibilities.

Digital Advertising

New Age Marketing is all about connections. Connecting the right message with your target audience, connecting your solution to your target audience’s pain point, and connecting your business goals with your advertising efforts. Let’s help you choose the right approach.

Brand Design

We draw on years of experience and a sincere belief in what you do, to create a tailored approach that supports the branding of your diverse range of products and services. Helping you build credibility and brand recognition by creating a consistent visual language, providing an instant connection to your services or products.

Clients & Partners

Our goal is to create imaginative work that works for your customers, your employees and builds business value.