VodaPay Kwika & Max

The Request:

Through our partnership with VML, we were assigned the creation of testimonial videos for Vodacom Financial Services. These videos are intended for use as social and digital content to promote their VodaPay card machine products. The goal is to enhance lead generation, drive sales, and increase brand awareness for VodaPay Kwika & Max card machines.

The KANAKA solution: 

Our approach went beyond the conventional single-camera setup; we aimed to redefine testimonial videos through storytelling and cinematography. Operating under the creative platform “Sinawe – we see your vision,” we produced authentic videos that delve into the daily struggles of featured entrepreneurs. These narratives showcase how VodaPay’s products and technology played a pivotal role in their business success.

Our content strategy focuses on creating shareable and engaging material, strategically disseminated through various channels. Leveraging Facebook and Instagram business ads, Push Notifications, In-app interstitials, CVM (SMS & Mailers), and Website homepage banners, we target both potential and existing clients. This multifaceted approach ensures widespread visibility and effectively communicates the value of VodaPay’s offerings.


  • - Creative Campaign & Art Direction
  • - Concept & Content Development
  • - Digital & Social Media Design