Puma X Nandos RS – Xtra Hot

The Request:

The task here was to develop a key visual and content that would land this one-of-a-kind collabo. Puma’s RS-X has come a long way from just being a running shoe; it’s now a symbol of pop culture that pays tribute to South African icons.

Nando’s, known for its flame-grilled chicken and clever commentary in multiple languages, is a hit with Gen Z, who are changing the game in style, music, art, and on social media. The return of the RS-X sneaker perfectly fits into this revolution, capturing the authentic South African spirit that resonates with them.

The KANAKA solution: 

With every brief, authentic resonance is a must for us. We wanted to capture both brand’s identity and character flair, since we all know istayla is a form of expression. We came up with campaign, Aya Shisa Ama RS-Xtra Hot!! Inspired by the bubble gum music era and driven by Mercy Pakela’s influence, is a fun collaboration between Puma and Nando’s. We used Ai to prototype how the collab would look before executing our idea. Giving classic sneakers a fresh twist with a playful, fish-eye lens effect. Also turning street culture influencers into Nandocas – think hosts, cashiers, grillers, and coordinators – in both videos and photos to spice things up.

It’s not just a sneaker collaboration; it’s a blend of sneaker culture and foodie culture, all done tastefully and with a dash of XtraHot Peri Peri flavor.



  • - Creative Campaign & Art Direction
  • - Concept & Content Development
  • - Social Media Design