Destiny Careers

Be Brave

The Request:

Destiny magazine is a magazine featuring South African Iconic businessmen and businesswomen. Destiny then created a new magazine aimed at young millennials. Destiny Careers enlightens and empowers Its readers while redefining what a career is and what work-life looks like. The Challenge: How do you launch a new print magazine in a digital age, that people will find interesting to read?

The KANAKA solution:

In order to create a new print magazine, that people will find appealing, one would need to create a new visual identity; aimed at speaking directly at millennials. KANAKA proposed a “Depth in Feature” approach. This approach meant creating a visual identity layout that plays on white space and gives features more detail. By using Destiny’s brand personality, we developed a creative strategy that would disrupt the ‘less is more’ visual norms of the category.

The Impact:

This approach helps to stimulate a reader’s attention to the features. The project was very well received by its targeted audience.


  • - Consulting
  • - Brand Design