Who we are

Our story is born from the audacious belief in trusting your own dopeness, daring to break free from the conventional chains that bind creativity. We craved the liberty to be 100% independent, crafting a space where authenticity, design, creativity, innovation, and technology collide.


In this creative haven, we operate not just as a company but as a dynamic team of idea-makers, fuelled by the relentless pursuit of excellence. Our name, meaning “people,” isn’t just a word – it’s a commitment to forging genuine connections with others.


We’re not here to conform; we’re here to redefine. Our mission is clear: to infuse joy into the lives of our clients by curating experiences they’ll cherish. And cultivate a work environment where every team member feels a profound sense of pride and excitement about their role in our journey.


Pendoring Awards Finalist 2023

Assegai Awards Judging Panel 2023

Effie Awards South Africa Judging Panel 2022

MEA Brand Consultancy of the Year 2020

Core Values


Be yourself. Be honest. Be engaging.


Trust your gut feeling.


Love and compassion for others.