Excellence accelerated through education.

The Request:

Xcellate is driven by the latest research and ideas in education to provide students with an accelerated learning path to excellence. They needed a website redesign that is user-focused since launching the website the business has excelled, however, the website was not meeting modern-day consumer demands.

The KANAKA solution: 

To ensure the best experience for Xcellate’s existing and prospective customers, Xcellate needed to revamp its website which includes a digital-first foundation and design direction, that allows users to easily purchase classes online and be able to use the platform to log in to the classes.

The brand-new Xcellate website is rebuilt from the ground up, to put everything customers require at their fingertips. We presented a new, seamless website that would bring more visitors to Xcellate and generate more sign-ups to classes. Making it a leader in the South African market, while leveraging on its international scale and business model.

The Impact: 

We now have a great, modern-looking website. We made it much easier for customers to find out about Xcellate and book classes online.


  • - Technology & E-commerce