Dapper Collective Supply Co.


Mid 2014


Brand Communication




Rooted in Johannesburg observe Dapper Collective Supply Co.

A menswear apparel brand that instills confidence a and inspires neatness in what one would call a limited range of items. Spearheaded by two young creative minds with a very minimalistic approach this brand embodies all that is dapper in a gentleman. As a brand our motive is simple- we would like to contribute in the grooming of young men to become dapper brothers and as a collective form a staunch brotherhood.





The brief was simple and ambitious. Visible, transformational change for a new mens wear brand. A new identity that would signal the fashion shift in minimalistic brands and high fashion brands , from Africa, to loved brand built around people’s lives.

Differentiation in a category being reshaped by challenger brands and digital start-ups, where customers are looking for proof that banks are changing for the better.





Fundamentally, Dapper Collective business is rooted in the belief that fashion can change the world and bring unity  globally. KANAKA used this core belief to create and codify a new brand strategy for Dapper Collective that guides everything they do as the home of brotherhood.

Underpinned by this strategy, we developed a new and own able logo that visually represents the brand personality – . The leave like symbol references of unity by holding the logo typeface together  by using typographic ink traps. The new Dapper Collective brand seamlessly marries menswear and lifestyle to create a connected brand experience however the user engages with it.