1. Have you added new products or services? 

How do they fit in your original product or service offering? Do they meet the needs of your current customers, or open new markets? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, if you are starting out or have an existing business.

2. Evaluate your pricing strategy. 

Have you priced yourself out of the market? Can you increase your prices without affecting sales? Or have you low-balled your prices to gain market share? Typically it’s more difficult to raise prices than to lower them; can you offer new features or benefits that can justify a price increase?

3. Assess your current target markets. 

Are you effectively reaching your target markets and fulfilling their needs? Are the markets you’re serving profitable? Can you expand into new markets? Sometimes you can find a niche market that has been overlooked by other businesses.

4. Look at your promotions and positioning strategies. 

Can you allocate more of your budget to promotional campaigns, or find new, creative ways to promote your business? Does your brand image still reflect what you want your business to be?

Our professional marketers at KANAKA design studio are experienced in developing custom digital marketing, and branding experiences for businesses.
We will perform keyword research and study your industry to create marketing strategies to match what your target audience wants.

Call Sapho Dlangamandla +27 83 765 8311 or email business@kanaka.co.zato get started.

We are a proudly 100% black owned, South African based Brand Factory; Level 1 BEE Contributor. At KANAKA, We operate collaboratively with different creative geniuses to provide strategic & creative solutions – to deliver a brand equity that guarantees return on investment.

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