Who needs to watch an ad or read an ad in the paper when someone can just as easily send a company a tweet or leave a review on Facebook or TripAdvisor? Access and convenience have become a more prominent part of marketing because when people have issues, they want to get a hold of someone at a company online quickly. And don’t think these only work for big businesses only, don’t we all graduate from school? Think BIG think Amazon.

1. Stop Neglecting the Blog

Don’t underestimate the power of blogging. By blogging at least a few times a month, you give Google a reason to come back to your website and index new pages helping you get found for relevant search results.
There’s lots of wiggle room to talk about the issues affecting your industry and answer customer questions. Lastly, you’ll have more of what you need to launch effective social media marketing campaigns.

2. Update the Website

Best practices in web design are always changing, and it will become apparent to website visitors that your website hasn’t kept up with the times. Older sites aren’t going to be responsive on all devices and browsers. Your old website may not have the most secure web hosting either.
More websites are using HTTPs instead of HTTP because it keeps their customers’ personal information much safer. Lastly, if your website looks ugly and unappealing, people will quickly find other business websites to visit.

3. Create your own content

Digital marketing won’t be practical for your business without a strategy and a plan in mind. Some business owners catch onto to the idea of digital marketing but have no clue where to start or how to make it work for their businesses. The primary job of a CEO of a firm is not to spend time writing content or running Facebook campaigns. They need to be entirely focused on running the day-to-day aspects of the business. There’s not much time to get involved in developing the digital marketing strategy.That’s why it’s best to let an experienced digital marketing agency in Johannesburg handle the work.

Our professional digital marketers at KANAKA design studio are experienced in developing custom digital marketing, photography, videos and SEO strategies for businesses. They will perform keyword research and study your competition to create digital marketing strategies to match what your target audience wants.


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